PC @Home Checklist

Checklist for On-Campus Gator Getting Connected @Home

What can you bring on UF Campus?

  • Ethernet Cable
  • Computer
  • USB to Ethernet adapter (if your computer does not have a Ethernet Port)
  • Entertainment Devices such as Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Roku, ChromeCast etc.
  • Printers connected via USB
    • NOTE:  Wireless printers are not supported on the UF network and will not work. The best way Residents can print in the Residents Halls is by purchasing a USB cable to connect the computer directly to the printer. The University of Florida also offers free printing in the computer labs on campus.

Steps before arriving on UF Campus:

Please have Your Gatorlink User Name and Password handy before proceeding any further.

  1. Please review our system minimum requirement (Requirements)
  2. On your computer, open a web browser and go to http://getonline.dhnet.ufl.edu.
  3. Using your GatorLink username and password, follow the prompts to setup your computer for DHNet Wireless Service
  4. Repeat for Wired Service Step 3.
    • If your computer does not have an Ethernet port, you can skip this step
    • NOTE: Do not add “@ufl.edu” after your GatorLink username and do not use your UFID number.
  5. If you get “Authentication Has Timed Out” error, this is expected and you cannot proceed further with the wizard.
  6. Once you are on campus, connect to SSID “uf” or plug in the Ethernet cable.
    • A pop up box will prompt you for a username and password. Enter your gator link username and password to fully establish your connection
  7. UF Wireless Service is not guaranteed in rooms that are not designated as World Class Wireless residence halls. Residents are encouraged to purchase a CAT5 or better rated Ethernet cable before coming to campus.
    • NOTE: The Resident Halls do not provide Ethernet cables to residents.
  8.  If you do not have an Ethernet port on your computer, please purchase an USB-to-Ethernet adapter
  9. Ensure your computer has fully up-to-date virus and malware protection.
  10. Make sure your operating system is set to update automatically.
    • Change Windows Update settings to “Install updates automatically” every day.
  11. Make sure your computer is fully compliant with SafeConnect Enforcement.
  12. Stop any peer-to-peer (P2P) software from running automatically or uninstall completely to avoid AUP violations.
    • NOTE: The use of P2P software, like BitTorrent, is not permitted on our network. If you are found to be using these programs, your internet access will be restricted.  A list of popular P2P software is here.
  13. Change your GatorLink password 48 hours before you arrive at UF Campus. GatorLink passwords are required to be changed every 180 days and this will ensure that you will not need to change it until the end of Fall or Spring, depending on when you arrive to the UF Campus.
  14. If you are bringing an entertainment device (a gaming system, Blu-Ray player, television, etc.) with Internet capabilities, you are required to register it with our system in order for it to work. Visit the Entertainment Device Registration page for instructions on how to do this.
  15. Review the DHNet Acceptable Use Policy to learn what you can and cannot do while accessing DHNet Internet Services.

Mobile Devices

Once you are on campus, you will also be able to connect your mobile device to our network, and we have various connection tutorials available for getting your device online.


Please note that wireless printers are not supported on the UF network and will not work. The best way your student can print in their room is by purchasing a USB cable to connect the computer directly to the printer. UF also offers free printing in the computer labs on campus.

Getting Help

The DHNet@Home Support Program is here to help the students if they should run into any issues. We suggest that they visit our Frequently Asked Questions page first. If they are still having problems, they can visit the Support section of the website to find the contact information for getting help.