How to Change Your Password in Windows 7/8/10

You should go through this tutorial each and every time you need to change your GatorLink password either due to expiration or to a forgotten password.

Step 1

In the Networks pane, select the network you want removed and press Connect.



Step 2

Right click on the network and choose “Forget network”.

Step 3



 Step 4

Press on it and the network is removed. You can reconnect to the network as if it were a newly detected network.

When reconnecting again type in your NEW GatorLink password with the username and press Connect.

Your password is now successfully changed and updated!

You have now successfully updated your GatorLink password within your network settings. If you have problems at any time during this tutorial, visit a DHNet@Home location, call(352) 846-4697 or submit an iServiceDesk Request.