How to Change Your Password in Mac OS X

You should go through this tutorial each and every time you need to change your GatorLink password either due to expiration or to a forgotten password.

Step 1

Close out of all windows so you are back at your desktop. At the top right, look for your network icon. Click on the item Turn Wi-Fi off. After turning off the Wi-Fi click on Open Network preferences.


Step 2

From the below Preferences window choose the Advanced option.


Step 3

In the Advanced option forget the right click on the uf-network located in the white box and choose forget. If the network is not present in the box just click OK.


Step 4

After exiting all the windows go back to your main desktop, click on the Wi-Fi icon and and choose Turn Wi-fI On.


Step 5

After turning the Wi-Fi on you will get the list of suggested Wi-Fi networks. Click on the uf-wifi and choose that option to Connect.


Step 6

You will get a prompt window that will ask for registration credentials. Type in your previously updated new GatorLink username and password, from My UFL in the boxes provided and click Join.

For more information on how to update your GatorLink password visit How To Change Your GatorLink Password in myUFL .


Your password is now successfully changed and updated your GatorLink password within your network settings!

If you have problems at any time during this tutorial, visit a DHNet@Home location, call (352) 846-4697 or submit an iServiceDesk Request.