How To Change Your GatorLink Password in myUFL

You should go through this tutorial each and every time you need to change your GatorLink password either due to expiration or to a forgotten password. This will ensure that your password is updated on all UF systems.

After changing your password using this tutorial, make sure to follow the appropriate tutorial for updating your password on that operating system using the menu on the left.

Step 1

Navigate to


Step 2



Step 3

Read the Acceptable Use Policy and make sure you click on ACCEPT & CONTINUE at the bottom.


Step 4

You may now input your new password. Please follow the guidelines presented on the page to ensure your password is compatible.

Click on NEXT to finish the process.


Your password is now successfully changed!

You have now successfully changed your GatorLink password. If you have problems at any time during this tutorial, visit a DHNet@Home location, call (352) 392-2465 or submit an iServiceDesk Request.