P2P Removal

This page will host many of our tutorials that we provide to students in order to make sure their computer is connected properly to DHNet Internet Services and to keep their computers healthy and safe. The DHNet Policies prohibit the use of P2P programs on the DHNet network.

The following programs should be removed from your computer while you are on campus:

Azureus / Azureus Vuze:

  • Azureus Vuze for Mac OS X
  • Azureus Vuze for Windows 7

Bit Comet:

  • Bit Comet for Windows XP and Windows Vista

Bit Lord:

  • Bit Lord for Windows 7


  • BitTorrent for Mac OS X
  • BitTorrent for Windows 7


  • eMule for Windows 7


  • FrostWire for Mac OS X
  • FrostWire for Ubuntu Linux
  • FrostWire for Windows 7


  • Transmission for Mac OS X


  • µTorrent for Windows 7
  • µTorrent for Mac OS X

World of Warcraft

  • World of Warcraft client and Blizzard Downloader