Disabling IPv6 on MAC OS X

Mac OSX 10.5.x – 10.6.x

1. Open System Preferences
Step 1
2. Choose Network
Step 2
3. With AirPort selected on the left, click advanced on the bottom right hand corner. A new window will open up. Select TCP/IP and under Configure IPv6 select disable. Your screen will look like the screenshot below.
Step 3
4. Select OK and then you will return to the Network Screen. Click on Apply which was previously not able to be selected. Repeat Step 3 With Ethernet selected on the left.
Step 4

Mac OS X 10.7.x and Higher

1. Click on Spotlight in the top right of your screen. Type in Terminal. Open the first link, or the application link to open up the terminal.
Step 1
2. Once in Terminal you will run the following commands:
sudo networksetup –setv6off Wi-Fi
sudo networksetup –setv6off Ethernet
Step 2
*NOTE* These commands are case sensitive. Please type them in exactly and double check what you have entered. The first time you run the command it will ask you for a password to your Mac Account. This is also case sensitive!