Xbox 360

How to connect an Xbox 360 Wirelessly:


Step 1

Navigate to Settings, then select System.



Step 2

Navigate to Network Settings



Step 3

Select ufdevice.



Step 4

You will now be prompted for a password. Please enter gogators
If your device has already been registered via wired, you’re device should now work. You may continue to read this tutorial, however the following steps may result in an error.

If you have not registered your device at all, please continue reading.



Step 5

You will be asked to Test. Please stop the test.



Step 6

You will now have to press B to exit back to the list of networks. Select ufdevice again and this time select Configure Network.



Step 7


Tab over to Additional Settings, then select Advanced Settings.



Step 8

This is where you will find your Xbox 360 MAC address. Please register this if you haven’t already. Once it is approved your device will work. Please note WIRED AND WIRELESS MAC ARE THE SAME ON XBOX 360.




Your password is now successfully changed and updated!