General Tutorials

The DHNet@Home Support Program has created a series of tutorials to help you connect your computer to the DHNet Internet Services.

From the menu on the left-hand side, select Wired Connection Tutorials to configure your computer for the DHNet Wired Service; or select Wireless Connection Tutorials to configure your computer, phone, or tablet, for the UF Wireless Service.

For a series of brief tutorials for common issues, please see the ones listed below.

Quick Help Tutorials

  • Restart your computer.
  • Make sure your Ethernet cable is plugged in tightly and not damaged. Check wall port for any damage.  If there is damage, complete an iServiceDesk for Maintenance.
  • Make sure your computer’s clock is accurate.
  • If you are in a Residence Hall connecting via the DHNet Wired Service, disconnect from any wireless networks and disable the wireless antenna if possible.
  • Try using a friend’s Ethernet cable. Cables can be damaged easily.
  • Try using a different DHNet Internet Services Ethernet port. If it works on a different port but does not work on yours, complete an iServiceDesk for Maintenance.
  • Networking devices are not permitted in the residence halls. Diamond, Corry, and Tanglewood Village residents are permitted but will need to register their device.
  • Internet Connection Sharing, Bridged Networking, and other virtualization software may cause your port to be disabled.
  • Are you restricted? A restricted connection will redirect all web browsing to a DHNet website describing your restriction.