Removing Java 8

Microsoft Windows 7

The following steps and screen shots will help you to remove Java Runtime Environment software.

Step 1

First, open the control panel. Do this by clicking on the control panel tab on the Start Menu



Step 2

Next, check to make sure that you are viewing the control panel selections by category.  This is located in the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner.



Step 3

Click on Uninstall a program.  This is located in the lower-left corner.



Step 4

Find Java 8.  Double-click on Java 8.  This will open a new dialogue box.



Step 5

Click yes.  This will automatically uninstall Java 8.



Step 6

Do not click anything on this screen.  Once it disappears, Java 8 should be uninstalled.


Step 7

Going back to the control panel screen, confirm that Java 8 no longer appears on the list of installed programs.



If there are other versions of Java you wish to uninstall, repeat steps 4-7.