PowerShell Method for Adobe Flash ActiveX Removal

If you have tried running the Flash ActiveX Removal Tool, are still being blocked, and unable to get online please click the link below for a tutorial on how to properly remove Adobe Flash ActiveX.


  1. Click Start and type in “PowerShell”


    2. Right-Click Windows PowerShell and Run As Administrator



    3.  Once Windows PowerShell is open. Type in the following: Get-ExecutionPolicy and press ENTER. It should return Restricted. If Restricted is not returned, stop this tutorial and visit the IT Assistance Help Desk at Beaty East or call 352-846-4697.


    Next, type in Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted and press ENTER.


    5. In the next prompt asking to confirm the change type in Y and press ENTER. Do not close Windows PowerShell as there will be one final step involved at the end of this tutorial.


    6. Locate the Flash ActiveX Removal Tool that was previously downloaded. It should be in your downloads folder.


    7. Run the Remove Flash ActiveX Tool As Administrator


    8.  Open Windows PowerShell back up and type in Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Restricted and press ENTER. This will lock the policy on the computer to block further changes.


















If you have followed this tutorial and are still being blocked, it is recommended to bring your computer to our help desk at Beaty East in order to manually remove Adobe Flash ActiveX. Feel free to give us a call at 352-392-2465 if there are any questions.