Windows Phone 7

The following tutorial will help you to connect your Windows Phone to the UF Wireless Service. These steps need to be performed only once. You will need a Gatorlink user name and password to connect to the service. If you have forgotten your Gatorlink password, please visit or call (352) 392-HELP.

If you Gatorlink password still does not work, please visit and select “My Gatorlink Account Status” from the My Account menu. Select the “Resynchronize my Password” tab and then try again. You will have wait 20 minutes for the information to process.

Step 1

Click on Settings

Step 2

Click on Wi-Fi

Step 3

Click on uf

Step 4

Type in your Gatorlink username and password in the fields provided. Remember that the password field is case sensitive. Then, click on done.

Step 5

You are now connected to the UF Wireless Service.

You have now successfully connected to the UF Wireless Service. If you have problems at any time during this procedure, visit a DHNet@Home location, call (352) 846-4697 or submit an iServiceDesk Request.