How to Remove the SuperFish Virus Infection


The instructions on this page will instruct you how to remove the SuperFish Virus Infection.

Step 1:

Please download this link.

Step 2:

If using Avast, you will need to temporarily disable it for the Removal tool to run. On your windows taskbar, right click on the Avast Icon.


Step 3:

In the right-click menu, select Avast shields control, then select Disable for 10 minutes.


Select YES to the prompt that arises.

Step 4:

Run the Automatic Removal Tool from Step 1 and click on “Analyze and Remove SuperFish Now”.



Step 5:

Take a Screenshot of the Results.


If your computer shows not found for ALL categories you may proceed to Step 8. If anything is removed, please proceed onward with the tutorial.

Step 6:

Download and install MalwareBytes which can be done by clicking this link.

Step 7:

Run a Threat Scan on your computer.


Step 8:

Attach the Screenshots from Step 3 and your MalwareBytes Log file (if necessary) on our Virus Submission Form Page found here.

For further instructions on how to retrieve your MalwareBytes Log file, please see our tutorial.