Malware Tools

DHNet Internet Services uses SafeConnect Posture Assessment to ensure the safety of the network and its users. As a result, you are now required to have real-time anti-virus scanning and anti-malware protection on your computer in order to maintain access to DHNet Internet Services. The following lists have been compiled through research to help you choose proper free protection. You are required to have one (1) anti-virus scanner installed and running with definitions set to update automatically.

Click here to follow recommended steps to keep your computer safe from the University of Florida Information Security Team.

Recommended Solutions

The following is a list of real-time anti-virus scanners with anti-malware protection that we highly recommend using. These options are free to use and have the best detection ratings and will not cause connection issues while on DHNet Internet Services. There is no need to purchase virus protection as they include lifetime definition updates for free:


  • Avast! Free Antivirus for Windows
    NOTE: We are no longer recommending Microsoft Security Essentials or Windows Defender (Windows 8 users). If you have this installed, please remove or disable and install Avast!.


Virus Protection with Known Issues

The following is a list of anti-virus solutions that are known to cause connection issues on our network.  It is recommended to not install and use these products while using DHNet Internet Services.

  • Comodo – all versions
  • Kaspersky – all versions
  • McAfee – all versions
  • Norton – all versions
  • Symantec – all versions
  • Trend Micro – all versions
  • Webroot – all versions

Virus Specific Tools

The following are removal tools for specific virus infections. These tools only remove the virus named.  A scan with one of the recommended solutions is required if you become infected.



  • None at this time

How to Get Help

If you are having any issues, the DHNet@Home Help Desk can also perform the necessary scans for you free of charge. Please visit our Hours of Operation page to see when the help desks are available. You will need your computer (desktop or laptop), power source and your Gator1 ID card.