Wireless Service

UF Housing and Residence Education provides high speed wireless (Wi-Fi) internet access as a value added amenity to single-student residence hall area offices, Maguire and University Village South graduate and family housing villages, and select other single-student residence halls (see list below). The UF Wireless Service provides a reliable, secure wireless network based on PEAP, WPA, or WPA2 encryption. Our service aims to provide a quick and enjoyable way to wirelessly access the academic resources you need as well as the internet services you want. The name of the wireless service (SSID) is “uf” and can be found using your computer’s built-in wireless connection software.

In order to connect to the UF Wireless Service, residents will need to set up their computers by connecting to the SSID “ufgetonline” by selecting it in their available wireless networks and then pointing their web browsers to http://getonline.dhnet.ufl.edu to run the XpressConnect software.

Wireless Coverage

UF Wireless Service is currently available in all area commons offices, including laundry rooms. We are currently in the process of adding wireless to the common meeting areas and hallways of the following residence halls and villages.

NOTE: We do not guarantee the availability of UF Wireless Service within any student room in the residence halls or apartments in the villages. We only guarantee and provide support for UF Wireless Service in the common spaces of these areas. Examples of common spaces include communal kitchens, study rooms, hall libraries, and hallways. An ethernet cable is still needed for access in the resident’s room or apartment.

For more on what types of activity or software is accepted on DHNet services, please visit our policies.

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