Get Connected BEFORE Coming To Campus

Published: June 24th, 2014

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Your computer needs to be configured before connecting to our network. We have created a checklist that you can review while at home to get your computer ready before coming to campus. The PC @Home Checklist or Mac @Home Checklist is located on the DHNet Website at Please review this prior to arriving on campus.

UF Wireless Service is available in all commons spaces, hallways, and area offices but we cannot guarantee that a signal will be available within your room. You should bring an Ethernet cable to campus as we do not provide Ethernet cables to residents. Our Ethernet service, DHNet Wired Service, is the fastest and most reliable connection that we can provide to our residents and we highly recommend that you use it as your primary connection.

Please make sure that your computer meets our minimum requirements before coming to campus. These apply to both Windows and Mac computers:

  • Anti-virus and anti-malware installed, updated, and running
  • Windows Updates and Apple Software Update set to automatically update
  • If Java, Flash, or Adobe Reader is installed, it must be updated and all older versions removed
  • Visit our Requirements Page for more information.

We support most gaming and entertainment systems that have Ethernet ports and require Internet access. You will need to register the device with your Gatorlink username and the wired MAC address of your system. Register by going to

If you are not able to setup your computer before arriving to campus, please follow the instructions on the green sheet handed to you at check-in. This green DHNet Information Sheet will provide you the instructions for getting connected. If you did not receive one, please see your RA or visit your building’s Area Office.

We are looking forward to your arrival on campus. If you should need help, please visit the DHNet@Home Help Desk located on Beaty East Ground Floor. Locations and operating hours are located on the DHNet Website at We will have extended hours while you move-in through the start of classes.

Please also follow us on Twitter (@UFDHNet), Instagram (UFDHNet), and SnapChat (UFDHNet). We provide links to free software, network outage information, and other useful tips throughout the year.

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